The Zuidkas is a study carried out by Paul de Ruiter Architects and was commissioned by the Government Buildings Agency. The assignment centres on an imaginary office building of over 11,000 m² on the Zuidas tangent in Amsterdam, which is intended to achieve as high a score as possible with regard to the fulfilment of environmental objectives. Four other architectural firms besides Paul de Ruiter were invited to work on this assignment. The joint results are intended to help determine a future standard for sustainability within the Government Buildings Agency’s own building stock.
Within the firm, we have taken up the assignment as an extra opportunity for R&D, in order to deepen the expertise developed within Paul de Ruiter in the area of sustainable construction. As sustainable construction can only be realised by taking an integrated approach to design, we have closely involved Arup from the outset in the design process. As a team, we hope to stand at the cradle of a new generation of sustainable government buildings.

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