Another reason to build the offices facing north is the extremely high production of internal heat by computers, lighting and appliances (and their users). This results in a fairly substantial cooling requirement in the summer period. By building the offices facing north, the heat of the sun in the summer has less of an impact on the building, with less energy required to cool the building as a result. In homes, the production of internal heat is far lower, and the average temperature is often higher. By building the homes facing the south, and including a terrace, the design can actually make use of the heat of the sun, which in the winter makes a major contribution to the supply of heat. A double-height ground level area accommodates the school and the retail functions. Situated on top of the ground level facilities, one finds a public space that serves as a schoolyard. One section of this area can be entered via the office nave, with access ensured via two core areas. The various meeting areas are located between these core areas on the atrium side. On top of these spaces, various work area balconies will be developed in the atrium. The northern side of the building will primarily be occupied by a work area, with the ground plan offering possibilities to arrange space as required.